Storytime Kits

Peace Library System has developed Storytime Kits designed to make your storytime sessions easier by providing stories, crafts, songs, rhymes, puppets, and other activities. There is a craft and song or rhyme designated for each book and the puppets and other activities are interchangeable between different books. For more information, please contact Duncan Lotoski at Storytime Kits are available to PLS member libraries to borrow for a 3-month loan period. 

Borrowing Procedures

Borrowing Procedures

To place a request on a kit or block please:

1. Check the availability of preferred Kit/Block with the TRACKING SHEETS

2. Place your request, using this GOOGLE FORM

  • 1 request per form

Submitted forms will be sent to Duncan (

You will receive a confirmation email with the confirmed lending dates and additional resources, specific to your request. 

Checking In/Out through Polaris

Blocks: check in each item to change status from "in-transit" to "in" (Check the Book Block Polaris Procedures)

Programming Kits: DO NOT check in items. Checking in/out of items is done at PLS HQ

Storytime Kits: DO NOT check in items. Checking in/out of items is done at PLS HQ

Click HERE for a tutorial on the Blocks and Kits borrowing procedure. 

Click on title to view image of kit. 

Storytime Kits (Ages 2-3)


Animals at Home

Counting and Numbers


Nursery Rhymes

Ocean Life

Outer Space

Respecting Differences

Seasons and Holidays

Shapes and Colours

Sports and Games

Weather and Nature

Storytime Kits - French/English (Ages 2-3)

Dinosaurs / Les dinosaures

Farms / La ferme

Food and Supermarket / Aliments et marché

Me and My Family / Ma famille et moi

Music and Sounds / Musique et sons

Vehicles / Véhicules et transports

Where We Live / Où on vit

Wild Animals / Les animaux sauvages

Storytime Kits (Ages 4-6)


Big Machines and Construction

Bugs and Insects

Cat Tales

Christmas and Other Lands



Fairytales and Tall Tales

Fall and Thanksgiving

Farm Animals


Métis and First Nations


Pets Kit #1

Pets Kit #2


Polar Regions: Animals and Folktales

Safari Kit #1

Safari Kit #2


Spring, Summer and Easter

Winter and Valentine's Day

Additional Information

  1. Each kit will consist of one, two or three bins (depending on the kit). Please ensure that all of the bins for each kit have been received.
  2. Each kit will contain a binder, books, and puppets (except for Big Machines and Construction). When you receive the kit, please check the contents on the Content Verification Sheet. The Content Verification Sheet will be in the front inside cover of the binder. The binder will be in one of the bins.
  3. Before returning the kit to Peace Library System, please check the contents on the Content Verification Sheet again to ensure that all items are accounted for and the kit is complete. Please send all the bins together as a unit back to Peace Library System.
  4. When returning the kits, please seal the carton with the enclosed plastic ties.
  5. The kits must be returned to Peace Library System after each use. Do not pass on the kit to patrons or another library. The contents will be checked at Peace Library System before the kits are loaned out and after the kits come back from the borrowing library.
  6. Lost or damaged items will be invoiced to the borrowing library.

Using the Storytime Kits
  1. Each kit contains 10-20 books, puppets, and a binder with crafts, rhymes or songs, and other activities.
  2. The crafts and songs are labeled to go with particular books; however, they may be interchangeable if the librarian chooses.
  3. Each kit contains a beginning action song to settle the children down. It is the same song for each kit, so the children will get used to settling down when they sing the song and do the actions.
  4. The puppets are interchangeable between stories. The kit is designed for the children to hold the puppets and do the actions while the librarian reads the story.
  5. Each kit contains directions to make a sock puppet. The puppet can be created to match the theme of the kit. For example, a dinosaur sock puppet could be created for use with the dinosaur kit. This could be made at the beginning of the unit. As there are not enough puppets for each child, the remaining children could use the sock puppets for the story actions. That way, each child has something to hold.
  6. Each book has a song or rhyme dedicated to it. This could be used either before or after the story. They do not have to be used if the librarian chooses not to.
  7. Each book has a craft that goes with it. We have included the instructions for the craft and the list of materials needed for the craft. Where possible, we have included templates and a picture of the completed craft.
  8. We have also included a section called “Other Activities” which includes story sequencing pages (Beginning, Middle, End). The children could use their comprehension skills to draw a picture of either the beginning, middle or end of the story, or all three. We have also included coloring pages.
  9. Please do not remove the printed pages from the plastic inserts. Please take the plastic insert out of the binder and photocopy the required page or pages through the plastic. Then put the plastic inserts back in the appropriate spot in the binder.
    EXCEPTION: The coloring pages are all included in one plastic insert. You may remove the printed coloring pages from the plastic insert, photocopy them, put them back into the plastic insert, and then put the plastic insert back into the binder.
  10. Each binder contains a list of websites and books that we used to find the crafts, songs and rhymes. It also contains a sharing journal where librarians can add their ideas to the kits and an evaluation form. These can be photocopied and inserted behind the master sheets in the appropriate plastic inserts. We welcome your ideas.