TRAC and TRACpac

TRAC Operational Guidelines - Updated April 24, 2024

Please familiarize yourself and your staff with these Guidelines so that all libraries in TRAC may work together. It governs all TRAC libraries regarding:

  • Resource Sharing
  • Packaging Guidelines
  • Damaged and Lost Materials Payment
  • Missing and In-Transit Items
  • Contacting of Patrons
  • It also contains a Damage Noted to Item form (Appendix A) to use when recording damage to another library’s item

TRAC Procedures

Replacing TRAC Cards

How to send out TRAC interlibrary loans (ILLs):

 How to correctly use the Notes fields:

 What to do with items that are stuck as In-Transit or Transferred:

 What to do about Lost items:

 How to convert Claimed items to Lost, and what to do if you're invoiced:

TRACpac Online Catalogue

TRACpac is the online catalogue for Polaris. Patrons are able to search for items, place holds, check their account and even renew items. 

All brochures are in a printable format, allowing you to download and make them available to your patrons.

TRACpac Navigation Webinar

Recorded: January 31, 2022

Use the Boolean Operator Cheat Sheet for Advanced Searching.

TRACpac Mobile App

We are very pleased to announce that the TRACpac App is now available for download and use for Android and iOS! Simply search for “TRACpac” in your device's app store and it should come up.

video tutorial providing orientation to the new app is available on Niche Academy.