Cataloguing and Processing

Cataloguing Guidelines

Peace Library System will not catalogue:

  • Any materials in very poor condition (stained, yellowed, dusty, broken spines, torn pages, missing dust jackets, etc.)
  • Audio-visual materials (DVDs, Blu-rays) that are not playable in North American machines (must be Region Free, Region 0, Region 1, or Region A)
  • Materials more than 3 years old in the following areas:
    • Science
    • Medical
    • Law
    • Computers
  • Plagiarized or bootlegged materials
  • Cassettes
  • VHS tapes

Peace Library System does not process mass market fiction or paperback fiction valued under $20. These items will still be catalogued.

Items with a dust jacket in need of laminating should:

  • Not have an attached spine label
  • Not have a barcode protector over the barcode
  • Not have any stickers which aren’t to be laminated with the dust jacket

For cataloguing purposes, our staff may need to remove stickers that cover identification information, such as an ISBN.

When sending items in to be catalogued, please ensure the following:

  • Barcodes are included with the item
    • For print materials, the barcode should be applied to the item directly
    • For AV materials, the barcode should be taped to the case, but not attached directly
  • Items should have promotional and other irrelevant stickers removed
  • Include a note identifying that the items are to be catalogued for your library

PLS catalogues for a lot of libraries, so your attention to the above list is appreciated.