Shipping and Packaging

ILL Procedures

For information about how to ship ILLs, please view:

For information on the Canada Post Shipping Tool, please view the Canada Post Shipping Tool Instructions (updated May 2020).

For information on the Polaris Request Manager and ILLs, please view the Polaris and ILL instructions.

**Make sure you and your staff are checking incoming materials for pests. For more, check out the Pest Management section on our Collection Management and Weeding page.

Postage Reimbursement

Peace Library System compensates member public libraries for library book rate mailing costs. 

To request compensation, please fill out a copy of the ILL Postage Reimbursement Form and attach your ILL postage.  Where receipts are not possible, contact your consultant to make other arrangements.  Please submit the ILL Postage Reimbursement form and your receipts to Peace Library System headquarters on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the volume.

NOTE: Postage expenses for a given year must be received by the first week of January of the following year in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

NOTE: Due to COVID, PLS is not reimbursing lending institution loaning charges.  All loaning fees will be at the expense of the requesting library or patron during this time.