Technical Services

Peace Library System's Technical Services Department is here to help eliminate or reduce the amount of routine work that member librarians have to perform in their technical services area, freeing them to spend more time serving their patrons. Besides centralizing the performance of certain tasks, Technical Services also offers some savings to members by making large volume purchases on their behalf.

Technical Services covers:

1. Allotments
Member libraries receive a library materials budget that is administered by Peace Library System. The allotment can be used to purchase library materials, which can be ordered through the Technical Services Department.

2. Centralized Ordering
Member libraries decide what library materials they wish to purchase, and Peace Library System takes care of ordering and payment. For resources on placing orders or using vouchers when ordering items yourself, please visit the Ordering & Supplies section.

3. Cataloguing
Peace Library System catalogues all materials ordered through headquarters. Materials that are not purchased through the System can be sent in for cataloguing. Please contact your Library Consultant for more details on sending items to PLS for cataloguing.

4. Supplies
Member libraries can order certain supplies from Peace Library System to make items shelf-ready using their allotment. For more information on how to order supplies, please view the Supplies page.