Go Places Scavenger Hunt


Our Barbie-themed fall marketing campaign ran on Facebook ads and in-person at our libraries over the month of October. We were very pleased to see the uptake from library users; there were 687 entries into the prize contest, and we made 225 Barbie-themed library cards for patrons. 

The winners have received their prizes. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for next year’s campaign!


Congrats to the winners of the Go Places Scavenger Hunt! They've each won a $500 VISA Giftcard. Thanks to everyone who participated!

-          Nicholas Rundle (Beaverlodge)

-          Melissa Sharkey (Fairview)

-          Avery Dreyer (Fairview)

-          Adrianna Wiebe (Peace River)

-          Alexis Johnson (Slave Lake) 

-          Violet Parker (Peace River)

-          Rylee Toner (Slave Lake) 

Nicholas Rundle is 11yrs old and is sharing the prize with his 3 sisters who are in the picture with him. He hopes to put his share towards a Nintendo Switch.

Melissa Sharkey 

 Avery Dreyer

 Adrianna Wiebe 

Rylee Toner

Violet Parker 

 Alexis Johnson 

Top Participating Libraries: 

Scavenger Hunt: 

Barbieland Library Cards:

To read the  Go Places Scavenger Hunt Wrap Up Newsletter and view some fun photos click here.

Go Places Scavenger Hunt Details 

  • Barbie themed scavenger hunt
  • Participating libraries will post 12 images (location cards) of Barbies and Kens around the library.
  • Participants search for the Barbies and Kens and to find out their fictional locations (i.e. New York Public Library) and record it in their activity booklets
  • When participants have completed the hunt they will submit their booklets to library staff, who will send them to PLS for the prize draw. The prizes are  $500 VISA gift cards.
  •  Patrons can also sign up for a Barbieland Library Card.


Promotional Blurb:

Visit participating Peace Library System libraries for a chance to win this October! To celebrate Canadian Library Month we’re hosting a Barbie-inspired scavenger hunt. Find all 12 of the postcards hidden around your library to get entered into the prize draw. Visit our website to learn more and to get a personalized Barbie-themed Library Card: peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca/Go-places.

Title: Go Places Scavenger Hunt 
Date: October 1st to 31st
Location: Your Library

Barbieland Library Cards

When patrons complete the hunt, please invite them to sign up for a Barbieland Library Card. 

  • These are personalized, Barbie-themed library cards
  • Patrons can sign up online at peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca/Go-Places-2023/Barbieland-Library-Card * They will be asked for their library barcode and to upload a picture (optional).
  • Patrons can choose one of three graphics.
  • PLS will create the cards and ship them to libraries in their bins. They shoud arrive within one to two weeks. 
  • Please contact your patrons to arrange pickup. 


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Embracing Barbie (& Ken) Barbie themed ideas for programs, displays and social media.

Promotional Ideas 

Try out this Barbie Selfie Generator to create some fun graphics with your staff!

You can also also ask patrons to share what they are reading with a Barbie / Ken selfie on social media. Ex. This Barbie is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. Make it a contest to maximize engagement with your post.

Document Barbie sightings at your library:

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