Snapshot Day


What is Snapshot Day? Snapshot Day allows you to show your community what happens every day in your library. You will collect information, comments, stories, and photographs to capture a "snapshot" of a day in your library. How many people visit the library every day? How many reference questions are answered? How many programs are held? Gathering stories and statistics on Snapshot Day shows how much your library is visited and valued, and it creates a powerful advocacy tool that shows the impact of your library as a place of learning and fun.

Several regional library systems have participated in the past few years, including Chinook Arch, Parkland, Marigold Northern Lights. The concept for Snapshot Day originated with the New Jersey State Library Association, and has spread throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Choose any day that you like for your library's "Snapshot Day." Check out the Snapshot Day Quick Guide and other resources below for tips on selecting your day, preparing for Snapshot Day, and using your results.


Before: How To and Promotion

During: Collecting Data and Taking Photographs


After: Share Results

  • Making Snapshot Day A Success - get ideas for how to use your Snapshot Day results
  • Customizable Flyer - fill in statistics from your Snapshot Day and post this in the library
  • Customizable Brochure - fill in statistics from your Snapshot Day and share this with your Library Board or Friends group (Note: when printing this file, ensure you select 2-sided printing - flip on the short edge of the paper, and that you print with Letter size paper).

Questions? If you have questions about snapshot day - choosing a day, planning the day, downloading the items above, using your results, or anything else - please contact your Peace Library System consultant.

*All of the materials for Snapshot Day have been graciously provided by Parkland Regional Library and adapted.