Updated: TRAC Operational Guidelines

15 August 2013

Earlier in July, the TRAC Directors made a quick decision to revise the TRAC Operational Guidelines to reflect the recent change to the Canada Post Library Book Rate, which now permits the mailing of A/V items at the reduced postage rate.
Please replace your old TRAC Operational Guidelines with the updated version.
The sections affected by the change are: 

  • Page 2 under the heading Operational Guidelines for Materials > Delivery: the old bullet (a) “The Library Book Rate may not be used to mail non-print items” has been removed.
  • We encourage PLS libraries to continue using Government Courier or the system van run to deliver A/V as much as possible in order to protect the PLS postage reimbursement budget, please.  However, PLS Mail Only libraries should feel free to send out A/V materials promptly now, using the Shipping Tool--rather than waiting until a box of A/V has accumulated to send out using parcel rate, as was done in the past.
  • On Page 9 (under Resource Sharing Principles), the last sentence “As well, since Canada’s Library Book Rate does not apply to audiovisual materials, etc…..” has also been removed.  The new last sentence simply states, “Due to the fragile nature of audiovisual materials, special care is required during the resource sharing process.”

Updated: Directory of Public Libraries

10 July 2013

The Public Libraries Services Branch has published the latest version of the Directory of Public Libraries (July 2013). Please be sure download it, bookmark it or print it off so you have it on hand.

Potential TAL Service Interruption

23 June 2013

The new date for the TAL server update is Tuesday, June 25. Please inform your staff that during the server update they may experience service interruptions to:

  • TAL Online
  • EZproxy
  • TAL website
  • Listservs hosted by TAL

If problems continue on June 26 please contact support@thealbertalibrary.ab.ca.

Bill C-321 Receives Royal Assent

20 June 2013

On June 19, 2013, Bill C-321, An Act to amend the Canada Post Corporation Act (library materials), received Royal Assent. This means that the Library Book Rate is now officially law, and will incorporate CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and other audiovisual materials.

More information for member libraries regarding these changes will be sent by the end of the week.

In the meantime, read the Canadian Library Association's media release announcing this fantastic news!

Summer/Fall News & Notes

30 May 2013

The Summer/Fall issue of News & Notes is now available. Download the current issue or read it online. There will not be a separate fall issue this year, the next newsletter will be published in November. Please submit any photos, stories and/or ideas to janderson@peacelibrarysystem.ab.ca. Previous issues are available here.