Collection Management & Weeding

Collection Development

If you're not familiar with a certain genre of fiction, it can be difficult to know what books to select for it. To help you, below is a list of the major awards for the major genres. Looking at the current and previous winners can provide some direction.

  • Bram Stoker Awards - promoting superior acheivement in the Horror genre
  • Carol Awards - the voice of Christian fiction, recognizing the best Christian fiction published by traditional publishing houses
  • Edgar Awards - recognizing the best in Mystery fiction
  • Hammet Prize - promoting literary excellence in the field of Crime-writing
  • Nebula Awards - recognizing the best in Science Fiction and Fantasty 
  • Rita Awards - promoting excellence in the Romance genre by recognizing outstanding published romance novels and novellas
  • Spur Awards - promotes distinguished writing in the Western field
  • Eisner Awards - promoting excellence in Comics and Graphic novels

Looking for a genre that isn't listed? Check Wikipedia's list of Literary awards by genre and type

Weeding Resources
Computers/Technology, Law, Medicine & Health, Childcare, and Travel are considered the most time sensitive areas of your non-fiction collection because of the rapid rate that information changes and develops within these topics. Older items quickly become superseded, obsolete or irrelevant. In the case of medical materials, they may even be dangerous. Hence, it is important to make sure that items within these categories in your collection are no more than five years old. Anything older than five years should be replaced with a more current edition.

To help you find resources, we have created tip sheets for each of the categories. Each tip sheet covers what to consider when selecting, call number ranges and keywords to help you search.

Another helpful resource is CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries (especially pp. 12, 13, 15-19, 46, 92). 

Evaluate Your Current Collection
Before starting to purchase new items in the above cateogories, you may want to evaluate and/or weed your current collection. To do this, you can run a report in SimplyReports that will provide you with the call number, barcode, title, publication date, year-to-date circulation, last circulation date, lifetime circulation and current circulation status of a section of your collection. Download the instructions on How to Run a Shelf List Report in SimplyReports. You can also run the Weeding Report - Simple with Collection Filter in Polaris under Utilities > Reports and Notices > Custom.

Search for Current Titles
Title Source allows users to search for books that fall within a specific Dewey call number range. For example, if you wish to update your Technology section within the Computers category, you would want to search for items within the 004 to 007 call number range. 

Dewey Call Number Ranges
To know which Dewey call number range each of the categories fall under, please download this document.


Pest Management

Part of keeping the collection in good shape includes regularly checking materials for pests.

We have a bed bug oven to lend to our member public libraries. For more information, please contact Barbara Johnson at or (780) 538-4656 ext. 109.