Peace Library System Board of Directors 2019-2020

Jurisdiction Representative
City of Grande Prairie Chris Thiessen
County of Grande Prairie No. 1 Linda Waddy
Big Lakes County Lorrie Shelp
Birch Hills County Denise Joudrey
Clear Hills County Peter Frixel
Saddle Hills County John Moen
MD of Fairview No. 136 Ray Skrepnek
MD of Greenview No. 16 Roxie Rutt
MD of Lesser Slave River No. 124 Brad Pearson
County of Northern Lights Belinda Halabisky, Vice-Chair
MD of Opportunity No. 17 Brendan Powell
MD of Peace No. 135 Sandra Eastman
MD of Smoky River No. 130 Raoul Johnson
MD of Spirit River No. 133 Elaine Garrow
Northern Sunrise County Carolyn Kolebaba, Chair
Town of Beaverlodge Gena Jones
Town of Fairview Stan Golob
Town of Falher James Bell
Town of Fox Creek Meesha Bainton
Town of Grimshaw Dennis Sukeroff
Town of High Level Brent Anderson
Town of High Prairie Marie Brulotte
Town of Manning Greg Pasichnuk
Town of McLennan Philippa O'Mahony
Town of Peace River Elaine Manzer
Town of Rainbow Lake Michelle Farris
Town of Sexsmith Clinton Froehlick
Town of Slave Lake Joy McGregor
Town of Spirit River Harry Ezio
Town of Valleyview Tanya Boman
Town of Wembley Anna Underwood
Village of Berwyn Vacant
Village of Donnelly Vacant
Village of Girouxville Vacant
Village of Hines Creek Camille Zavisha
Village of Hythe Sandra Miller
Village of Nampa Cheryl Novak
Village of Rycroft Roxann Dregar
Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement Reta Nooskey
Grande Prairie Public Library Resource Library Tammy Brown

System Governance
The Peace Library Board establishes and implements the System's mission through policy governance. A policy governing board hires a Chief Executive Officer to implement the Board's policy and to manage the library system. The Board provides broad, overall leadership.

The Board sets in place framework policies that guide the System's actions. The System's mission, vision, belief, and target statements clarify why the System exists, who it serves, and why. These statements set the overall purpose and direction of the System and also foster stability and continuity for the System.

The Board also creates self-governance policies, including documents that state roles and responsibilities of Board members. The System's Bylaws state the functions of the Board, the committees, and the System's officers. Many of the System's policies are required by provincial legislation and regulation. In other cases, the policies help ensure uniformity and consistency in operational procedures.