Family Behavior Toolbox

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The Family Behavior Toolbox (FBT) is designed to be a self-help resource for parents and family members to understand the behavior they are encountering and the options available to deal with it. FBT has been created by the same team responsible for the Child, Adolescent and Autism editions used by professionals around the world.
You may have been given access to this site after visiting an education, mental health or healthcare professional, or you may have gained access through your library service or through other approved organizations but your objective will be the same, to find a solution to behavior displayed by a son or daughter or other family member.
To help you understand some of the fundamental issues surrounding challenging behavior we have prepared some general guidance which suggests the things you need to consider and the possible reasons for the difficult behavior. You may already know where the problem lies but it is worth taking a moment to consider all the possibilities. 

Alberta Health Services has licensed this resource for the citizens of Alberta.

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Intervention Strategies - 2 to 12yrs

If you are at a participating public library in Alberta, you will be taken directly to the resource. If you are accessing the Family Behavior Toolbox from outside the library, you will be required to sign in with your library barcode and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

This software is not meant as a replacement for professional guidance. It provides guidelines which can be most effectively used in consultation with professionals. Discuss concerns you have about your child with your family physician, pediatrician, psychologist, or other mental health professional.